ChargeVu Revenue Cycle Software

Camtiva's ChargeVu software is a web-based tool designed to help ensure you never miss a charge again. It does this by running your charge data against preset and chargemaster specific rules (unlike most tools that base rules only on NCCI edits). Those rules then inform you of any charge errors so you can quickly change your claim BEFORE the bill leaves your facility.

ChargeVu makes it possible to augment your claim scrubbing and denial management services with automated, real-time information that can be acted upon immediately.

These tools will either be integrated with your EHR, or run against data queries. By automating these processes, your business office and management only need review alerts and follow-up as needed.

Charge Integrity - How it Works

Using our complex intellectual property algorithms, we can run an analysis on your electronic medical record data to find issues with past billing, so you can resubmit and collect those funds allowed by insurance company contracts.

The analysis also helps determine rules for implementation in ChargeVu to prevent future losses - a double-win for immediately increasing your revenues and charge integrity compliance.

How is this different than Claim Scrubbing or Denial Management software tools or services?

Professional team offering support.

Helping You Succeed


It doesn't make sense to buy software that costs more to implement and train on than it does to purchase. At Camtiva, we are obsessive about designing software that is user-friendly and simple. And if you can think of a way to manage things simpler - we want to hear about it.


We are fanatic about providing first class customer support. Responding in a timely, friendly, and professional manner is our mantra. We care about you, and know that helping you solve problems quickly is imperative to provide effective service for your patients.


Since ChargeVu is a web-based tool, it can be enabled for your organization within minutes. And our implementation team will work hand-in-hand with your IT team to integrate with your EHR, or setup necessary pulls from your EHR data to ensure real-time batch reviews. Usually, this process only requires one to two hours of your staff's time.

Server Technical Requirements

  • Windows 2008+

  • .NET 4.5

  • EHR Database Access

  • Internet Access


Our goal is to hold your hand until we feel comfortable that you know what you are doing. We plan to spend a few hours with you every week for the first several weeks to verify that the system is running properly, and you have a process to effectively capture the missed revenue.