Most national data suggests hospitals miss 3-7% of their potential revenue due to missed or inaccurate charges.

Why? Because claim scrubbing tools and clearinghouses typically audit UB-04 and CMS 1500 claim data against standardized National CCI Edits.

So what's wrong with that?

Nothing. It's a great practice for catching issues that could lead to payer denials. But what about missing charges?

Here's the problem

Hospitals, clinics and physician practices often forget to add charges - especially on procedures where there are a lot of supplies and equipment involved. Since claim scrubbers and clearinghouses are looking at the final summarized claim, they won't see the list of charges supporting that claim - so they can't tell if a charge was missed.

So how are you going to catch that missing 3-7% of your revenue?

ChargeVu has the Solution

Our software audits your individual charge transactions using extremely complex algorithms, so you can add the missing charges to your EHR before your claim is submitted to your clearinghouse or payer.

It sounds easy, doesn't it!

Unfortunately it's not. Hospitals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to audit charge transactions, and ensure process compliance. But when you really get into it, with thousands of charges and procedures to review, it is clearly impossible to do through any manual process. And it requires staff who are keenly aware of all aspects of the business (a very precious resource to waste on charge review).

Claim scrubbing looks at summarized codes for accuracy.  ChargeVu also looks at individual charges.

Curious how we do it?

We'd love to show you. We have a 15 minute, no-pressure demonstration where we explain on a high level how it works. We'll also gladly perform a FREE analysis of your data for the past year to see how many charges you've potentially missed.

Why wait? You're just losing more money. Sign up for a quick demo now and see how we can find you additional revenue immediately.