Having over 50 years of combined experience working in and with the healthcare space, we know intimately the problems that beset our hospitals, clinics, and physicians on a daily basis - whether it be in serving the customers you love, dealing with the regulatory restrictions that barrage you, or trying to stay financially viable. Our number one goal is to ease your pain. Please feel free to click the options below to learn more about us, and why we care.

About Us

We know your pain...

Camtiva has a strong history in healthcare management and software development. Our founder brings his extensive experience in hospital operations and revenue management, including several challenges that he felt were best solved through software automation.Our programming team has decades of healthcare software development expertise, with solutions that have received endorsement from the American Hospital Association Solutions group, and servicing some of the largest healthcare systems in the world. Together they are working to develop solutions that solve significant issues faced by critical access hospitals and other rural hospitals across the nation. The result is a user-friendly software system to assist billing departments in submitting accurate bills - the first time.

Our Vision

At Camtiva, we strive to resolve the complexity of healthcare billing through software automation and business intelligence.


To provide user-friendly healthcare finance products that retain revenue and increase compliance for our customers.


How our customers and employees perceive us is of utmost importance. Portraying a stellar IMAGE is our first priority.

  • Instant Customer Service
  • Manageable Project Implementation
  • Appealing Product Design
  • Genuine Concern for our Customers and Employees
  • Expert and Friendly Staff

Our Team

Photo of Cam Marlowe

Cameron Marlowe, Founder

As founder of Camtiva, Cameron is a respected advisor and consultant in the healthcare financial realm. He has consulted both small and large facilities, with a goal to improve hospital's, physician clinic's, surgery center's, and other health provider's/institution's profit margin by reducing non-labor expenses and increasing net revenue, all while maintaining or improving the patient experience. Cam has saved the facilities he has worked with millions of dollars, and refined and standardized thousands of processes.

Cam has accumulated over 25 years of valuable experience working in the healthcare industry. He is distinctly aware of the issues facing small rural hospitals, having served as Chief Finance Officer and other executive roles in a few of of them. Alternatively, he also oversaw the supply chain for St. Luke's, the largest health system in the state of Idaho.

Probably the strongest reason Cam's experience is so beneficial to our clients, and those who have engaged his services in the past, is his background in the insurance industry. Having served as Operations Director for Blue Cross of Idaho, he is acutely aware of the issues seen on both the payor and the provider side. This has given Cam the necessary understanding and the skill set to improve healthcare operations and profit margins in various healthcare settings.

Cam's passion about helping rural hospitals succeed. He believes rural healthcare is facing a crisis as critical access hospitals and other rural hospitals struggle to keep their doors open. When a small hospital closes, the impact to the community is significant. His desire is to help all hospitals thrive in the complex, rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Photo of Rob Tietjen

Rob Tietjen, CEO

Rob is acclaimed for his ability to create strong and loyal teams who are motivated to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. His customers are often 'fanatic' about the level of service and the quality of product they receive. He has a keen eye for software usability, and understands the database needs of large, global organizations.

In addition, Rob served as Chairman of the performance improvement and accreditation committee of a Top 100 hospital - helping them become one of the first U.S. hospitals to achieve ISO 9001 certification, and receive the coveted Northwest Hospital Quality Award.

For the past 18 years, Rob has been managing technology and training organizations. In 2002, he founded PolicyTech, the leading global provider of policy and procedure management software, and receiving exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association since 2007. As VP of Product, Rob also oversaw all software product design for NAVEX Global Inc., a leading provider of ethics and compliance software and content for 8000+ customers - including 70% of the Fortune 500.

Rob has taught communications courses on the university level, and has been invited to present at many national and international conferences and awareness events, and served on the OCEG Policy Management Committee, focusing on helping global organizations advance compliance initiatives. He has also chaired many community and nonprofit organizations, and serves on the boards of several technology organizations. Most important, he is intensely committed to his family, faith, and community.

Our Staff

Camtiva's development team brings over 60 years of combined experience in creating world-class enterprise software solutions, much of this for the healthcare industry. Because of this, we understand your needs and concerns and are passionate about creating solutions that are simple to use yet address the inherent complexities of healthcare. Our team's experience includes both on-premise and SaaS solutions as well as many other technologies.

Our team brings a wealth of experience and leadership in customer service, information technology, marketing, sales, accounting and other administrative functions.