Wouldn't it be nice if there were a tool that would notify you if a bill was missing a specific charge - before the claim went out the door?

Now there is!

ChargeVu is a software tool that uses customizable algorithms to determine whether all of the pertinent charges submitted for billing have been included - or even if you included ones you shouldn’t. It can also help highlight issues with your chargemaster, where certain charges are used incorrectly.

Why is this so important?

Annually, hospitals are losing 3-7% of their revenue due to missed charges. How does this happen? Pretty easily actually. If you consider the hundreds of charges usually added to a surgical or a long term patient claim - and the myriads of people adding or misusing those charges - it stands to reason that charges are going to be missed. And often, even very large charges can be overlooked.

Also, RAC audits are finding billions of dollars nationally that were over or incorrectly charged. The fines for these inaccuracies are crippling.

ChargeVu Charge Capture software vs. Claim Scrubbing Tools

The bad news is, claim scrubbing tools and clearinghouses can only see summary 837 file data. They can't know whether the charge totals associated with those revenue codes include all charges - or even the right charges. Yet this is exactly what a Revenue Integrity Analyst wants to know.

So how many charges did you miss last year?

Case Study - Caribou Memorial

We will gladly do a FREE analysis of your past year’s data and show you exactly what you missed. Plus, we can give you a 15 minute, no pressure demonstration to show you how we find missing revenue, and enhance your compliance.

Contact us now! We’re confident you’ll like what you see.